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Our new, easy to install, 'ESCAPE' promotional coolers offer a unique opportunity to promote chilled produce away from traditional fixtures. Great for cross category promotions and seasonal activations, siting chilled into ambient or more impulse areas of store. Plus, they are available to buy or rent.


Improves positioning of chilled products in-store, aiding cross-category promotions.


Changeable graphics and flexible positioning allow for promotions anywhere in store.


Simple, plug-in and go technology and clip-in graphics make the units easy to install.


Flexible cooling allows for the display of a wide variety of produce, at all times of the year.


Robust design and engineering ensures durability and a long lifespan.


Re-usable base units, and the creation of new sales hot-spots offer a swift financial return.

A flexible chilled display for all your activations.


Handy flat-pack design

0 - 4ºC operating temperature

Small footprint (0.46msq)

Easy to re-brand

Cost effective

LED lighting

R290 cooling agent

Extremely reliable

Available to buy or rent


Our 3M1 rated ‘ESCAPE’ promotional coolers, are a mobile chilled unit with easily inter-changeable  graphics for use with your seasonal promotions. It has the advantage of being placed anywhere throughout the store, helping brands escape the confines of traditional chillers and into more impulse areas of store.


To support the implementation of 'ESCAPE' coolers into the market, SMF can offer the following services:

Short / Long term rental agreements

Subsidised short term trial rentals

Purchase of units

Full implementation service includes:

Delivery / Collection to and from stores

In-store assembly and merchandising

Field sales team visits to change branding / check stock levels

Maintenance package - Guaranteed 48 hour service

Easy to Build - Easy to Switch Promotions.

Watch how easy below!

Seasonal Promotional options are endless... 

Summer BBQ's

• Premium Beers

• BBQ Meats

• Meat-free Options

• Seafood

• Wines


Cross-Category Promos

• Meal-Deal Promotions

• Seasonal Solutions

• Escape Traditional Fixings

• Collaboration Marketing

• Place Chilled into Ambient


Breakfast Solutions

• British Berries

• Yogurts

• Muesli Tubs

• Breakfast Drinks

• Iced Coffee

EMMI BNL - ECL(1).jpeg
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Whatever your needs, SMF 'ESCAPE' cooler displays offer the opportunity for seasonal chilled promotions to be placed in impulse areas throughout the store.

For more information please call 01535 273325.

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