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It's time for change! Using organic and natural materials that are recycled and, or recyclable are undoubtedly becoming increasingly popular for a range of purpose within the retail sector. Our sustainable displays are lightweight, strong, hard wearing and cost effective. They can be supplied fully assembled, flat packed or with our easy-build slot together design so drastically reduce distribution costs. 


Materials that have the environments protection in mind.


More robust and cost effective material for both short and longer term promotions.


We produce durable, easy to assemble slot-together displays which are shipped flat-packed.


Stronger displays extend lifespan and support heavier product ranges.

MDF stronger than traditional corrugated.


Long-lasting presence equates to several corrugated units. Shipped flat-packed to drastically reduce the cost of transport.

Eco displays that don't cost the earth, but help save it.





Natural material



 Easily distributed

Cost effective


Our plywood display stands are made from 100% FSC® and recycled materials, it communicates the product message in a durable yet natural way. As important as it is to look after our clients needs, we also take the time to focus on how, as a business, we can reduce our carbon footprint. We have stepped up to our responsibilities, gaining a competitive advantage and enhancing our reputation in the process.

Easy to Build - Our Slot-Together design keeps it simple.

Watch how easy below!

Promotional options are endless... 

Counter Displays

Counter top units (CTUs) offer a versatile range of options to get shoppers and retailers interested in your products. They can also make your product more attractive and can boost impulse purchases.


Slot-Together FSDU's

Our display experts can advise on the right FSDU for your product, but our slot-together design is sturdy and versatile with the advantage of being shipped flat-packed.


Plywood Procona

Our new Plywood Procona. Easy to build, requiring no tools to construct this sturdy, eco-friendly display unit.

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Whatever your needs, SMF 'Eco-Display' units offer the opportunity for seasonal promotions to be placed in impulse areas throughout the store.

For more information please call 01535 273325. Or visit

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